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Sneak Peek of New Things to Come!

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years since we started our business and began this amazing journey in this wonderful industry of photography.

We could have never imagined when we first started True Foundation Photography how much joy we would experience, how many relationships we would build, all the places we would go and discover or how much of this beautiful life we would see.

When photographing a friend’s senior portraits turned into photographing another friend’s wedding we quickly realized that we needed a place to display our work… and fast!
This is something that found us and we have loved every minute of it!
It was new and we were so enthusiastic to share with the world this wonderful journey that we were on, that we quickly built a website, started a blog, designed a logo and created a Facebook page in a matter of weeks to temporarily help us in sharing our adventure with whoever wanted to follow along.
We set our minds to learning all we could about this amazing art.

The website you see now was never meant to be up for long but things happened quickly and our time suddenly became consumed with running a business and capturing the stories of some of the most amazing people, that we never got around to creating a permanent  home for our journey.
We’ve talked a lot these past years about building a new home for our work and creating a true brand that would identify us more clearly.
This past January we decided that these dreams were finally going to become a reality and we began the huge process of branding and building a new website and blog.
It’s been a little over two months and we are so happy to say that we are FINALLY done!

That’s right y’all! True Foundation Photography is rebranding!!

We hope to be launching our new site and branding soon, but for now, while we add all the last little touches, we would like to share with you a few sneak peeks of what’s to come!

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The branding process has been such an amazing experience!

From gathering inspiration to defining our brand, writing new content, reevaluating, reminiscing and dreaming bigger dreams, we have truly enjoyed every minute of it!

We are so excited about finally having a permanent home on the web!


The colors we chose for our new brand were all inspired by the natural colors that surround us.

We found that in most of our pictures we had taken there were colors that our eyes were always drawn to.

We love the blue of the sky that blends white with the light of the sun, the color of a field moving to the song of the wind, the golden sun that becomes the medium we use to paint our pictures with and the subtle deep hues of gray that defines the smallest of details.


Choosing a font started when we designed our new logo.

We are pretty sure out of the whole rebranding process this was the longest and most difficult decision we made. There are so many fonts out there to chose from and finding the perfect one is harder than you think!


Inspiration began with three words we kept hearing over and over from people that were describing our work.

No matter who we talked to we would always hear these three words describing our pictures…

LIGHT! Photography is the study of light and we have always taken our lighting very seriously, proper lighting makes all the difference in photography, since a photo is technically a reflection of light through the lens, we are always on the hunt for the best lighting possible. Light is something we are constantly inspired by. Light is always the first word people use to describe our work and we think that is pretty awesome!

JOY! We capture some of the most joyful moments in people’s lives and we are often told that it is evidently seen in our pictures!

NATURAL! We strive to create a relaxed and natural experience for our clients. When a person feels comfortable they can effortlessly move, smile and enjoy a session and we can capture the beauty of who they really are!

Our approach to photography and editing is also very natural and organic.

We believe life is beautiful enough on it’s own and so in every session we photograph our goal is not to change what we capture in our camera to express our artistic rights through editing.
We believe our eyes are the only personal touches we need to make each picture we capture unique and personal!
We strive to be good photographers and not just good editors! 🙂
We manually set our camera so that the lighting and color is exactly the way we want it to be for a good end result in every picture.

Not only do these words describe who we are, but they also inspire every moment we capture.

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