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Richard + Julianna | Hendersonville, NC Wedding Photography

Richard and Julianna are married!

One of our favorite things about photographing a friend’s wedding is watching their love story unfold from the very beginning!

Richard and Julianna have the most beautiful God scripted love story and are such a testimony to their love for each other and God.

Their beautiful ceremony was like a worship service praising God for His great love.

I’m sure everyone’s favorite part of the day was when Richard and Julianna shared their very first kiss!

Yep, that’s right! They decided at the beginning of their courtship to save their first kiss for their wedding day!

Richard and Julianna, we love you both and are going to miss you, but we can’t wait to see what God has in store as you start this exciting new journey together!


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We were so excited when Richard and Julianna said they wanted to do a “First Look”!

A “First Look” is where the bride and groom set aside sometime to see each other and spend some quite time together before the ceremony.

For more information about “First Looks” check out these links:

TFP_7691 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7700 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-12 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7781 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7879 (Large)PINIMAGE

TFP_8113 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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  • Mandy - Beautiful !!!! 🙂 so happy for you guys! Yay shoemakers!!! So wish Marc and I could have been there but Mabel was less than one month at the time. Too crazy! The Nigeria team is growing up! 🙂 love from the szabos!

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