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Damion+Nicole | Bat Cave, NC Wedding Photography

We loved getting to be a part of this beautiful spring wedding!

Damion and Nicole said “I do” in a beautiful mountain church filled with their closest family and friends.

Thank you so much for letting us capture your special day!

Untitled-30 (Large)PINIMAGE

TFP26987 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-7 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-6 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP28289 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-5 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26966 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP27026 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7327 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP27055 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7102 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP27142 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP27334 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7339-2 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-8 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7446 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26986 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7490 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-411 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7486 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7504 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-111 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7513 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-19 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7474 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7573 editied (Large)PINIMAGE

TFP_7599 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-109 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7592 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7588 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-13 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7620 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Bat Cave Baptist Church Bat Cave, NCPINIMAGE

TFP27620 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-41 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-14 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP27741 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-17 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP27761 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-18 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-27 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-1 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP27959 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-9 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP28003 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP28012 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-10 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP27965 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-23 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-22 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP27554 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-24 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-109 (Medium) copyPINIMAGE

TFP_8347 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-25 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8358 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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