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We met Tyler and Morgan in our favorite field Monday afternoon. The sky was blue and the sunlight was beautiful. We loved getting to hear all about their God scripted love story as we shot around the amazing walls and alleys. Tyler is an awesome musician! Our favorite prop of the session was his guitar. Check out his work here: !





Hendersonville-NC-Engagement-Photography (3)PINIMAGEEngagement-Photography-Hendersonville-NC (2)PINIMAGEHendersonville-NC-Engagement-Photography (2)PINIMAGE




Hendersonville-NC-PhotographerPINIMAGEPhotography-Hendersonville-NCPINIMAGEHendersonville-North-Carolina-Engagement-Photography (2)PINIMAGE


TFP_1410 (Medium)PINIMAGEHendersonville-NC-Engagement-PhotographerPINIMAGEHendersonville-NC-Engagement-Photography (4)PINIMAGE


Hendersonville-North-Carolina-Engagement-Photography (3)PINIMAGEEngagement-Photography-Hendersonville-NC (3)PINIMAGE

Hendersonville-NC-Engagement-Photography (5)PINIMAGE


Hendersonville-NC-Engagement-Photography (6)PINIMAGE

TFP_1095 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_1449 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-13 (Medium)PINIMAGEHendersonville-NC-Engagement-Photography-sunsetPINIMAGETFP_1757-4 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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We were so excited when Stephanie emailed us and requested an urban winter inspired shoot!

Johnny and Stephanie’s 20th wedding anniversary is this month, so we loved getting to photograph a few “extra special” couple shots!

It is always such a joy to work with this sweet family!

TFP_9125-2 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8718 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8728 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8730 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8748 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8791 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8813 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8869 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-7 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_9006 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-14 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-61 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_9060 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-17 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_9099 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-16 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-5 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_9229 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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Meet the Tolbert Family!

We loved getting to know this precious family and capturing some of the beautiful “winter light”!

The light in the winter is so soft and delicate, it is absolutely gorgeous!

Ashley and Jason were telling us that this was the first time they have had pictures taken as a couple since their wedding day.

We felt so honored to be able to capture this family at such a sweet time in their lives!

TFP_8365 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8345 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8351 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-21 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8333 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8438 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8412 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8389 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8343 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8403 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8450 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8472 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8611-2 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-14 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8651 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-1 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8582 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8514 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8493 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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We were so excited to kick off 2014 with the Schoenberg Family!

It was such a joy to spend the afternoon with this beautiful family and we felt very honored to capture this special time in their lives!

TFP_7779 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-1 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7937 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7878 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7984 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7916 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7959 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-2 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7982 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-3 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8066 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8061 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-24 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8070 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8188 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8157 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8163 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8214 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_8298 (Medium)PINIMAGE Untitled-27 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7753 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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