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Dylan and Janey are getting married!

When it came time to choose a location for their engagement session they had two really great suggestions.

We started the shoot at the beautiful Antebellum at Kenmure Country Club. We loved their classy outfit choices that fit the venue perfectly.

Next we moved to the baseball field. Baseball is very important to this sweet couple because Dylan proposed to Janey at an Asheville Tourist baseball game.

Congratulations, Dylan and Janey! We can’t wait to photograph your special day!

TFP21461 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Kenmure Country Club engagement photography Hendersonville, NC (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-4 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-7 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21713 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-6 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21597 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-5 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-8 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21657 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Kenmure Country Club Hendersonville NC Engagement PhotographyPINIMAGE

Untitled-11 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21826 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-10 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21872 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-12 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21857 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21829 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21744 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21885 (Large)PINIMAGE

TFP21910  (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21913 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-13 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21987 (Large)PINIMAGE

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TFP_9099 (Medium)PINIMAGE

We are so excited to finally be able to debut our new wedding packaging!

When it came time to create our wedding packaging we knew we wanted something that was both elegant and timeless! An heirloom that you could pass down and treasure for years to come.

We enjoyed the whole process of making our vision come to life. From staining the wooden boxes to carefully creating our tags and cards, we loved seeing it all come together!

TFP_9016 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-5 (Medium)PINIMAGE

We loved including a small gift to our brides to help show off their new ring!

Untitled-2 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_9084 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-35 (Medium)PINIMAGE

We also included a special surprise that our brides and grooms can open on their first anniversary!

TFP_9054-1 copy (Medium) (2)PINIMAGE

TFP_9074 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Our disks are carefully packaged in a kraft case and tied with a sparkly ribbon!

TFP_9121 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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Meet the Webb Family!

We always enjoy working with this beautiful family and we love hearing how God is blessing their ministry with Family Life!

TFP21381 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21193 (Medium) (2)PINIMAGE

Untitled-3 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21204 (Medium) (2)PINIMAGE

TFP21097 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21256 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21223 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21235 (Medium) (2)PINIMAGE

TFP21106 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-1 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21269 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21272 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-4 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21291 (Medium) (2)PINIMAGE

TFP21305 (Large)PINIMAGE

TFP21309 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21320 (Large)PINIMAGE

TFP21313 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21371 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21366 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21335 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21353 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21117 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21119 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP21130 (Large)PINIMAGE

TFP21384 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-2 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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A few weeks ago we met Morgan for coffee to go over a few last minute wedding details. We ended up sitting and talking for over 2 hours about life, love and marriage.

It was so special to hear Morgan’s vision for her wedding day and her excitement for her life ahead with Tyler.

Tyler and Morgan love the Lord and they really wanted that to be shown throughout their ceremony.

Morgan was a beautiful bride and she absolutely radiated with joy!

It was so fun to see their excitement as they were pronounced husband and wife!

Congratulations, Tyler & Morgan! We can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for you both as you start this new journey together!

Greenville SC WeddingPINIMAGE

Tyler and Morgan were married in The Old Cigar Warehouse in downtown Greenville, SC.

It is a stunning venue with textured walls and beautiful doors!

We also enjoyed exploring Falls Park on the Reedy as we photographed this amazing couple!

TFP_5017 copy (Medium)PINIMAGE

the old cigar warehouse, Greenville SCPINIMAGETFP_4976 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-3 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-5 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_4931 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-4 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP28365 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Old Cigar Warehouse Greenville, SCPINIMAGEThe Old Cigar Warehouse, Greenville, SC weddingPINIMAGETFP28432 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP28445 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-6 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_5313 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_5158 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_5330-2 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_5311-2 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-1 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_4834-2 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-9 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_4700 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-59 (Medium)PINIMAGEold cigar warehouse wedding Greenville, SCPINIMAGEGreenville, SC Wedding PhotographyPINIMAGETFP28662 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-16 (Medium)PINIMAGEGreenville, SC Old Cigar Warehouse wedding PhotographyPINIMAGE

Old cigar warehouse wedding, Greenville, ScPINIMAGEUntitled-12 (Medium)PINIMAGEGreenville, SC Wedding Venue Old Cigar WarehousePINIMAGETFP28770 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-15 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_5576 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Old Cigar Warehouse Wedding PhotographyPINIMAGETFP_5757 (Medium)PINIMAGEOld Cigar Warehouse weddingPINIMAGEOld Cigar Warehouse wedding photography (2)PINIMAGETFP28765 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Morgan’s family & friends prayed before she walked down the aisle.

It was so sweet to hear their prayers and see their love for this beautiful bride!

TFP_5681-2 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_5692-2 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_5690-2 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_5740 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP28889 (Medium)PINIMAGEOld Cigar Warehouse Wedding, Greenville, SC PhotographyPINIMAGE

As the music built, the doors of the balcony opened and Morgan walked in, the entire room gasped in awe!

Morgan looked stunning!


Old Cigar Warehouse Wedding South CarolinaPINIMAGE

Her dad was waiting for her at the bottom of the staircase to give Morgan her bouquet and a kiss!


TFP_5819-2 (Medium)PINIMAGEGreenville, Sc Wedding Photography Old Cigar Warehouse weddingPINIMAGEOld Cigar Warehouse wedding photography (3)PINIMAGEGreenville, SC Wedding Photography Old Cigar WarehousePINIMAGETFP_5861-2 (Medium)PINIMAGEOld Cigar Warehouse wedding photography (2)PINIMAGEUntitled-22 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-21 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_5886 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-22-2 (Medium)PINIMAGE


TFP29027 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP29030 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP29036-2 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP29052 (Medium)PINIMAGEFalls Park on the Reedy Greenville, SC Wedding PhotographyPINIMAGEFalls Park on the Reedy Greenville South Carolina Wedding PhotographyPINIMAGE

TFP29175 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-26 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP29213 (Medium)PINIMAGEFalls Park on the Reedy River Greenville, SC Wedding PhotographyPINIMAGE

Untitled-24 (Medium)PINIMAGEGreenville SC Wedding Photography Falls Park on the ReedyPINIMAGE

Falls Park on the reedy river Greenville SC Wedding photographyPINIMAGE

The Old Cigar Warehouse WeddingPINIMAGETFP29307 (Medium)PINIMAGEOld Cigar Warehouse Wedding Greenville SC Wedding PhotograhyPINIMAGEGreenville, SC wedding Photography (3)PINIMAGEUntitled-28 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_5698 (Medium)PINIMAGEOld Cigar Warehouse Greenville. ScPINIMAGEUntitled-72 (Medium)PINIMAGEOld Cigar Warehouse Wedding Greenville ,SCPINIMAGE

TFP_6088 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_6100 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_6101 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_6065 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_6439 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-58 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_6887 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_6574-2 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_7135 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-57 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_7195 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_7184-2 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_7187 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Venue: The Old Cigar Warehouse

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