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Welcome to the world Mila Kate!

We felt so honored to photograph this precious baby girl in her first week of life.

We enjoyed spending the afternoon with Mila capturing her beautiful nursery, her sweet family and all the love that surrounds her.

Congratulations, Carson & Paige on your newest addition!

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TFP28072 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP28031 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP28063 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP28098 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP28079 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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We had an amazing day braving the cold with Blake and Ashleigh during their engagement session.

The temperature was dropping into the 20’s by the time their session was over, but this awesome couple never once looked cold!

Blake and Ashleigh’s session was on top of a mountain on Blake’s grandmother’s property.

It was so special to capture this exciting and wonderful time in this sweet couple’s life in a place that was special to both of them.

Blake is a local fire fighter and incorporating some of his gear into their shoot was an exciting and unique treat that we really enjoyed!

Congratulations, Blake and Ashleigh on your recent engagement!

TFP26906 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26777 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_6901 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26807 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26885 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26890 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26956 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP27065 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-2 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-3 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_6916 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP27100 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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  • Sarita Sigmon - This mother has ever been happier. I will have a daughter!! And no mother has loved her son more!!
    I so very blessed.

  • james dore - Sarita,
    These are wonderful!!! I am so very happy for you all!!! look forward to the wedding!!!


    Your brother

Our first session of 2014 was a newborn session with the Schoenberg Family. For our last session of the year we had the honor of photographing their sweet family again! It’s amazing how so much can change in a year! We always enjoy working with this family and watching their beautiful girls grow!!

TFP26114 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26597 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP25965-1 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26373 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP25808 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_6387 (Medium) copyPINIMAGE

Untitled-4 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26323 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26051 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-2 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP25776 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_6659 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-1 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-3 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP26678 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-5 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_6734 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_6681 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_6744 (Medium)PINIMAGE


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It was such a joy meeting and working with the Ruth Family!

Alison is a high school senior this year and what a great time to schedule a family photo session along with her senior portraits.

The winter light was spectacular the day we met for their session and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring some of Alison’s favorite locations around Mills River.

Congratulations, Alison! We hope your senior year is fantastic!

TFP23103 copy (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_5470 copy (Large)PINIMAGE

Untitled-1 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP23106 (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP23221 copy (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP23201 copy (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP23239 copy (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-22-Medium[1] copyPINIMAGE

TFP23169 copy (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP_5514 copy (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-1 (Medium) copyPINIMAGE

TFP23332 copy (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-4541 (Medium) copy (Medium)PINIMAGE

TFP23482 copy (Medium)PINIMAGE

Untitled-451 (Medium) copyPINIMAGE

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