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Brett + Lenea| Hendersonville, NC Wedding Photography

Hendersonville, NC Wedding Photography Jeter Mountain Farm Wedding North CarolinaPINIMAGE

I can’t believe that it has been over a year since we first met Brett and Lenea last October for their wedding consultation.

It is so special when a bride becomes a new friend! We felt so honored to be a part of this sweet couple’s journey to their wedding day!

From their engagement session to Lenea’s bridal portraits and all of the fun emails and phone conversations in between, we have loved hearing about Lenea’s vision for the wedding then watching it all come together on their special day!

Brett and Lenea’s wedding day was the perfect fall day! The autumn leaves were viberant with color and the air cool and crisp.

Lenea’s love for autumn was seen in even in the smallest details!

Brett’s daughter Madisyn definitely stole everyone’s heart on the wedding day!

We loved watching her from the very beginning as she helped Lenea get ready to her joining Brett and Lenea on the dance floor for their first dance, her excitment was clearly seen throughout the day!

TFP29924 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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Untitled-14566565656565654 (Medium)PINIMAGEHendersonville NC Wedding Photography Jeter Mountain Farm Wedding North CarolinaPINIMAGE

Lenea you are simply stunning!

Hendersonville, North Carolina Wedding Photography Jeter Mountain Farm Wedding NCPINIMAGE

We LOVED that Lenea and her bridesmaids wore cardigans for a few of their pictures!

TFP_1302 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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TFP_1520 (Medium)PINIMAGE

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TFP_2089 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_2059 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_2070 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Hendersonville, North Carolina Wedding PhotographyPINIMAGE

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TFP_2380 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_2430 (Large)PINIMAGETFP_2451 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP20034 (Medium)PINIMAGEUntitled-116 (Medium)PINIMAGE

Jeter Mountain Farm Barn Reception Hendersonville, NCPINIMAGE

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TFP_3617-3 (Medium)PINIMAGETFP_3621 (Medium)PINIMAGE




Venue: Jeter Mountain Farm

Hair and Makeup: Uptown Girls Salon

Emily Dyer, Kammie Kale, and Milia McAbee

Florists: The Flower Market

Catering: Country Charm Catering

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